WVMA Saratoga Musalla and LGIC will remain closed until further notice due to COVID-19. We'll be live streaming all regular WVMA programs. Bookmark this page. A link/video for the live stream will typically be available on this page near the start time. If the link is not available, you can also find the live stream on our Facebook page.

See the full Ramadan Schedule Here.

Ramadan Daily Programs

Ramadan Weekly Programs

  • 1:20 PM Fridays -- Jumu’ah Talk with Sh. Alauddin El-Bakri
  • 3:30 PM Fridays -- Youth Jumu’ah Talk with Kareem Syed
  • 2-3 PM Saturdays -- Weekend Reflection with Sh. Alauddin El-Bakri
  • 2-3 PM Sundays -- Weekend Reflection with Imam Tahir Anwar