On behalf of the WVMA board, we are excited to usher in Ramadan today. InshAllah, the first day of fasting will be tomorrow Friday, April 24th, the last day of fasting will be on Saturday, May 23rd. With shelter-in-place still in effect, our facilities remain closed until further notice. This is a unique Ramadan for us all and WVMA remains committed to making each Ramadan better than before. We will continue to have online programs every day throughout Ramadan.

Programs will feature Sh. Alauddin El-Bakri, Kareem Syed, Sh. Uthman Khan, Mufti Muddasir and more! All programs will be livestreamed to our Facebook page (fb.com/WVMuslim). Direct links and further details will be updated on our Live Page (wvmuslim.org/live) We seek forgiveness and guidance from Allah ﷻ during these troubling times.

Download Ramadan Timetable


Online Program Schedule


4/24 - 5/8:  7 - 7:30 PM
Starting 5/9: 7:15 - 7:45 PM

Community Reflections & Dua

A daily reflection & Dua series led by Kareem Syed and joined by many visiting scholars. Participate by joining the Zoom Call (below). The reflection will also be livestreamed to our Facebook page.

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/91597458012?pwd=Um91aVVwQzRteFBXWFNSUFl4QStIdz09
Or mobile #: +16699009128,,91597458012#,,#,201812#

Meeting ID: 915 9745 8012
Password: 3zzGqZ


4/27 - 5/8:  9 - 9:30 PM (Mon. - Thur. Only)
Starting 5/9: 9:15 - 9:45 PM

Reflecting on the Quran

Join Sh. Alauddin El-Bakri to reflect on the Quran Juz by Juz. This series will continue Monday through Thursdays. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we encourage you to join the Youth program (Approaching the Quran).


9:15 - 10 PM

(Youth) Approaching The Quran

Designed for High-School & College students. Learn how to approach and reflect on the Quran. Led by Kareem Syed and Sh. Uthman Khan.



1:20 PM

Jumu’ah Talk with Sh. Alauddin El-Bakri


3:30 PM

Youth Jumu’ah Talk with Kareem Syed

Saturdays 2-3 PM

Weekend Reflection with Sh. Alauddin El-Bakri

Join Sh. Alauddin for a special weekly reflection.

Sundays 2-3 PM

Weekend Reflection with Imam Tahir Anwar

Join Imam Tahir for a special weekly reflection.